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Way back in the early eighties we had a crossbred red Cattle Dog and our neighbour who showed Pyrenees Mountain dogs suggested to us we get a purebred dog and show it, as this sounded like a good idea at the time, we did
We went to Truheel Kennels and bought ourselves an older bitch with the idea in mind to show and breed from her. We mated her to a dog from Truheel Kennels and kept a male pup which we thought (of course)was the best thing since sliced bread. It didn't take us long to figure out this was not the case, especially as he was 20" high by the time he was 5 months old.
    During the time we had been showing him and his dam we noticed that Tallawong Kennels were practically unbeatable in the show ring, Knowing that we needed to use quality dogs to produce quality, we mated the Truheel bitch to Tallawong Blue Jonni and kept a bitch from the litter. Next we bought a Tallawong bitch from Ken & Helen, she 
was a litter sister to CH Tallawong Blue Julius and mated her to Truheel Blue Brent, from this mating we kept a male which went on to be our first Australian Champion Pureheel Royal Blue. I will never forget his first challenge from puppy class, I was waiting in the ring entrance while they judged open dog class and looked down at our dog and then across at Helen Dickson who had Ch Tallawong Blue Julius in the open class and asked him "well are you going to beat your uncle today" the ring steward looked down at my dog then across at Helen and probably though "No Way" then we went in and were awarded the challenge dog, that was it, we were hooked.
The bitch that we kept from the Truheel bitch and Tallawong dog never gained her title, but as she was such a lovely speckled blue, we mated her to a red dog from Truheel Kennels, Truheel Red Rex and got our first and only red speckled Champion, Ch Pureheel Amber Rival. These original dogs are behind everything we have today.
So far we have bred  62 Australian Champions, 7 Grand Champions, 4 Endurance Champions, 3 New Zealand Champions and 2 SUPREME Champions

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Alan & Robyn Spargo
Kilmore, VIC, Australia
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